Giant Robot Duel

Trossen Robotics’ own lead engineer, Andrew, has been hanging with the Megabots team (You know, the guys who are going to pilot America’s MK. II against Japan’s Kuratas in the first large scale robot duel that this planet has experienced in all of recorded history). If you want to see America become the first Mech [...]

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New Products – 8/3/2015

New kits, parts, and upgrades! Three new RobotGeek Geekduino Experimenter’s Kits are now available! Each kit gives you everything you need to start learning about an Arduino compatible technology, such as Touch Sensors, Displays, and Linear Actuators. Check out our whole line of Experimenter’s Kits! The Artec Block Robo LINK sets are excellent entry level [...]

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Disney’s Beachbot is Neat

Disney’s Beachbot, designed at ETH Zurich’s Autonomous Systems Lab, is a seemingly simple robot turtle that combs impressively large images into damp sand. They claim to want to make large scale images on the earth at the scale of the Nazca lines! Imagine what you could create with a RobotGeek Rover!

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Welcome to! is the documentation site for RobotGeek products. The RobotGeek line of Robotic Kits are designed as modular open source kits, making it easy for anyone to get started in the world of robotics.

RobotGeek robots leverage the power of Arduino, an open source microcontroller and software platform. RobotGeek robot kits are built to be Arduino compatible - you can use your own Arduino based board, or our in-house Arduino compatible board, the Geekduino

Are you looking for more advanced Robotic Kits? Check out to learn about the InterbotiX line of research grade robots.

InterbotiX and RobotGeek robot lines are products of Trossen Robotics

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