RobotGeek Sensor Shield Getting Started Guide

This guide will teach you the basics of using the RobotGeek Sensor Shield..

This guide will refer to the RobotGeek Geekduino, the microcontroller that will ship with most RoboTurrets. However this kit will also work with the Arduino Uno, or other Arduino variants like the Seeeduino.

Setting up the Arduino Software

Geekduino Getting Started Guide

If you have not already set up your Geekduino/ Arduino compatible board, please see the Geekduino Getting Started Guide. This guide will assist you in getting set up with the Arduino software as well as install libraries and test sketches for RobotGeek Robots.

About the Sensor Shield

The RobotGeek Sensor Shield is an Arduino compatible shield. A 'shield' is a module that fits on top of an Geekduino to add functionality.

The Sensor Shields breaks out the Geekduino's Input/Output pins and makes it easy to directly connect I/O boards, motors and more to the Geekduino.

Installing the Sensor Shield

Before you attach the Sensor Shield, make sure your Geekduino's switches are set appropriately. Unless otherwise noted, these should be set to '5v' and 'AUTO'


Installing the Sensor Shield is as easy as lining up the pins between the Sensor Shield and the Geekduino, and pushing the Sensor Shield down onto the Geekduino.

Attaching RobotGeek I/O Boards

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Attaching Servos

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Getting Started